What Would You Do For Free Mortgage? Adzookie Wants To Know

What Would You Do For Free Mortgage? Adzookie Wants To Know

 Advertisers at Adzookie.com, have come up with an interesting way to publicize their new company.  If you’ll allow it, Adzookie will paint your entire house, transforming it into a giant billboard, promoting their company.  Your house will look awful.  You will shutter at the sight of it.  People will stare.  But…Adzookie will pay your mortgage every month for an entire year.

Adzookie has shared that they have received thousands of callers wanting their houses painted.  Obviously, the incentive outweighs the shame for some people who are so upside on their payments, or so in debt that they would be willing to stew in the embarrassment of living in a an internet pop up house just to ease their financial burden.

Adzookie is also playing off the fact that the housing market is still upside down and that people are doing anything to help with their mortgages.  But isn’t this saying something about us on a larger, deeper level?  Of course.  Where’s our self respect?  Have we no shame?  Maybe the truth is…money’s the problem today.  We’ll deal with our self respect later.  


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