Testimonials For Housing Assist

“Ari. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you and your company provided me and my family. You saved my home from foreclosure and I really appreciate everything you did to make this happen. You just don’t know how much less stressed out I am because of your help. You pulled off the unthinkable. I will surely recommend you to some of my friends who are also in the same situation as I was.”
– Jorge Alverez -Riverside California

“A final email to thank all of you for your help in the short sale of my condo. It was relatively easy and smooth transaction. I found your customer service comforting and reassuring in these tuff economic times. So thank you very much and I hope we will not need to have a professional relationship again!”


Ricardo Sandavol -El Monte, California

“Ari & Aram, Just wanted to say Thank-you for all your hard work and follow-up. This entire ordeal was very stressful for my wife and I. Thank you for putting up with her and all of her questions. It is very much appreciated. All the best to both of you and if I ever run into anyone in the situation that I was in, I will definitely refer both of you! Take care and thank you very much.”
– Dean -Miami, Florida

“Ardy, I just want to thank you again for helping me out in this time of hardship.  I appreciate your follow ups with me, and your undivided attention, which helped save my home. Thanks again!!”
– Joyce Huckstepp – Los Angeles, California

“Thank you guys so much, you have truly made the largest difference for me and my family.”
– Jenn – Miami, Florida

“Ardy, thanks again for helping me through the short sale process, and finding another home for me and my family. Your knowledge and devotion have done wonders.”
– Michael Milly – San Diego, California

“Thanks for taking the time to meet with me and helping me understand the many things I was unaware of regarding my mortgage payments.”
– Jack Ferrin – San Diego, California

“Ari, you have showed me light at the end of the tunnel. I am forever grateful.”
– Jose Ferraro – Compton, California

“Aram, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your hard work.  This entire process has relieved so much stress for me and my family.  It’s much appreciated.  If I ever run into anyone in a similar situation, your company will be the first to know. Thanks!!!”
– Diego Martinez – Los Angeles, California

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work.  Your team of short sale experts has led me in the right direction. You’ll never understand the magic you have done.  You have saved me from foreclosure, I will be sure to recommend you to my friends facing the same situation.”
– Mary Montoya – Los Angeles, California

“I purchased a home a couple years ago with my girlfriend and things went well for a couple years.  After that time my girlfriend moved out and I could not continue making the payments on my own. I needed to sell and was surprised I owed more than the house was worth. I rested easy when HSN took over.They handled everything smoothly from day one and we closed on the property without me having a foreclosure.”
– B Willy- Phoenix, Arizona

I had been wanting to buy an investment property for quite awhile when I met the Ardy with Housing Assist.I made an offer on one of their listings and they explained the whole process to me thoroughly. I got an excellent deal on the house and will recomend Ardy to all my friends.
– Jon- Burbank, California

Thanks Ari! I am so very appreciative of all the work you and your team did. It was such a relief my family and I from the day we met you. You handled everything professionally form day one. We had our home on the market for over 3 months with another Realtor who didn’t know a thing about our needs. You really cared about our bottom line and that for us was selling our home As soon as possible and working with our Lenders to stop the stress they were putting on us every day. Great Job!
– Patty- San Clemente, California

I got the house, the wife, the job, and the dog. I lost the house, the wife, the job, but I still got the dog. Housing Assist helped me get out of my terrible mortgage and helped me lease a bigger house in the same neighborhood for cheaper. Thanks Fellas.
– Don – West Los Angeles, California

Thank you for everything, I can now have a fresh start to my life. You guys have lifted a load off of my shoulders.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone in need of help.  Thanks.

-Johnny Carbon – Temecula, California

Housing Assist came through for us! Because of a job loss, we were in a desperate situation. A foreclosure would have ruined our credit. Housing Assist got us an offer in 48 hours and successfully completed our short sale.

-Allison Whitaker – San Diego, Ca

I inherited my grandfathers property and it needed quite a few repairs. It would have been a big hassle to fix it up and deal with a realtor and buyers out of state.  Housing Assist got me a great deal, and made the process very simple. Thanks.

-Terrence Wallace- Arizona

After having to move cities for job location, we just wanted to sell our house, as-is, and move on.   Housing Assist was very professional and got us a great offer.  Two weeks later we had cash for our house! Thanks Housing Assist!

-Nancy Torez – Los Angeles, Ca

I was in foreclosure and my house was up for auction and about to sell, but Ardy stepped in and helped postpone the sale date of my property.  I really appreciate what he has done, and refer Housing Assist to all of my friends.  Ardy and his team were very helpful and knowledgable about this matter.

Sonia- Santa Barbara, Ca

A last email to thank each and everyone of you for the help with the short sale of my property.  It was a smooth and relatively easy transaction. Thank you again so very much.

David, Santa Barbara, Ca

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