Considering a Short Sale of Your Compton Property?

October 31, 2011 by  
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The property value in Compton has slumped to a new low. Homeowners in Compton who are still paying off their mortgages seem to be running a race that never reaches the finish line. Mortgages are getting higher, yet property value is dipping.

Now, many Compton homeowners owe much more than what their property is worth, an unfair trade that has left homeowners feeling stuck. But don’t turn to foreclosure just yet. Consider conducting a short sale of your Compton home.

In a short sale, lenders accept a price tag less than what the homeowners currently owes.  Not only will a Compton short sale help relieve debt, it will help uplift neighborhood property value as well. More lenders are agreeing to short sales, so you might want to ask your lender if you are struggling with your mortgage payments.

To get help in securing a short sale, call Housing Assist of America for guidance on short sale processes. Housing Assist of America has already helped hundreds of homeowners conduct a short sale, and you could be one of them.

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