Considering Foreclosure? Don’t!

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Considering Foreclosure?  Don’t!

The market is on it’s knees, and a ton of us are upside on our mortgages, dealing with negative equity, and plain and simple, living in financial hell.  Foreclosure might seem like a likely option, but before ruining your credit, you might want to consider a short sale: A short sale is a sale of a property in which the proceeds fall short of the total owed.  Short sales save lenders time and effort in trying to collect finances that the homeowner simply doesn’t have.  Sure the lender takes a loss, but everybody avoids foreclosure, which involves hefty fees, load of time, and bad credit for the homeowner.

HAMP, the federal Home Affordable Modification Program is making it possible for those upside on their mortgages to engage in short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure.  So before you foreclose on your property, consider a short sale.  After all, you’ll want to shop around in the housing market sometime in the future, and shopping with bad credit is never easy.  Now short sales don’t always pan out, but if you’re having trouble making payments on your mortgage, you have nothing to lose in trying before foreclosing on your property.  So go short, and consider a short sale.

Disheartening News For America

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Very Disheartening News for America

The more news articles I read regarding the US economy, the more I realize the average American is drowning (and tethered to a sinking house). Lets start with headlines from today like “Obama’s Mortgage Mod Plan is Still Lacking”. This article from CNN Money explains that while $30 Billion was set aside for HAMP to help struggling homeowners stay in their properties, only $4 Billion will end up being used for this purpose. Instead of saving an estimated 3 million to 4 million peoples home, they now project a total of 700,000. Why, you may ask? For the same reason these people are in this position in the first place, the benefit of Corporate America. It’s plain and simple. Wall Street greed caused this mess and its perpetual greed is keeping America here. Instead of writing down loan balances and offering REAL and sustainable plans for people to keep these properties; the executives at the top plan to foreclose on every one of them. And they are laughing all the way to the bank!

Here are a couple other headlines from CNN Money today, “Wealth Gap becomes Chasm at Christmas” and “Wall Street Bonuses May Top Last Year’s as Earnings Soar”. So basically the rich are continuing to get richer as the average Joe is slipping deeper into negative net worth with their underwater properties. The middle class is getting completely wiped out and we will be left with a very small minority of Super Rich and a large majority of Super Poor. The government could stop this but unfortunately is under Wall Street and Corporate America’s thumb.

We at Housing Assist of America have made it our business to help these homeowners that are drowning in negative equity with ridiculous mortgage payments. Our job is to fight the banks on behalf of the homeowner to allow a Short Sale. We negotiate with lenders like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and many more to forgive these homeowners for their debts. Our clients are able to walk away and start fresh while planning a road to economic recovery. Housing Assist of America lays out a plan to repair credit and buy a home at a reasonable price. We do not charge for our services and we have a greater than 85% success rate. We are so skilled that hundreds of real estate agents contract us to negotiate on their short sales on their behalf.

Isn’t everybody FED UP with the current situation? Please contact us at Housing Assist of America to find out how we can help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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