The Invisible Recession

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The Invisible Recession

“An in depth look into what really happened after the economic collapse”

Joshua Anderson. Lexington Realty Correspondent.

We have all seen the apparent signs of the big recession. First there was the mortgage crisis, the failed banks, the Wall Street scandals and of course the unemployment rate. All of this began when the housing market began to collapse and continued on a downward spiral. The more homes that were foreclosed, the less equity became available. Small businesses began to take a dive and within a matter of months the entire financial infrastructure of the United States was faltering at a record rate. As the smoke began to clear, massive layoffs ensued and corporate giants began to buckle.

One of the highlights in this crisis was the big Wall Street bailout. Stronger banks acquired the weaker banks and we all believed that we, the American people, were somehow going to benefit from this. The outcome, we didn’t, not at all in fact. The only noticeable signs we saw of this bailout was that Wamu’s became Chase and Merrill Lynch became Bank of America. Aside form the obvious acquisitions in the news; we were left waiting for a savior. Homeowners who were delinquent were expecting modifications that never came to fruition, and the unemployed waiting to be hired again. In the midst of this fiasco, several large banks were compensating there executives with skyrocketing incomes & bonuses.

While the rest of the economy was struggling to keep up, Bank of America CEO Thomas Montag received a total compensation of $29,930.431. This was considered only slightly larger that that of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf who made just over $21,000,000.  These numbers are astronomical and completely unfair to the American people who are barely able to stay in their homes. The most terrifying factor is that for those who are facing foreclosure thought they had a fighting chance. However, the Obama administration made it clear that stepping up foreclosures is the only way to stabilize the doomed housing market.

At this point in time, there are not many options available to those who are struggling. There is however some long term tips to keep in mind. Continuing education may be the best way to secure a great career and of course smart savings and investments. There may be a recession but as you can see there is a dramatic difference between those who are feeling the effects, and those who aren’t.


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