Foreclosures Crippling the Economic Recovery

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Home prices & sales are up but foreclosures are still crippling the economic recovery.

By Joshua C Anderson, Lexington Realty correspondent. October 26, 2010

Los Angeles-It’s been more than a few weeks since the major lenders have enacted the foreclosure moratorium. “We are looking intensively at the firms’ policies, procedures, and internal controls related to foreclosures and seeking to determine whether systematic weaknesses are leading to improper foreclosures,” said Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke. Many homeowners are still clinging on to the idea that they will not be foreclosed as a result of this investigation. The reality of the situation is that only ten percent of at risk homeowners will get out the situation there in.

Several key factors that are adding to the demise of the housing market include the fact that the housing recession is nowhere near over. Most of the nation’s communities have not yet bottomed out and optimistic speculation is merely opinion driven. Once the market does officially bottom out, prices will not rebound automatically. It will take quite some time for the rest of the economy to get up to speed, and even then it will be a long recovery. Another common misconception is that the worst is in the past. Rick Sharga from Realty Trac, an online foreclosure company, says he does not envision foreclosure activity stabilizing until late 2011. There are still those who will continue to believe that there loans will be modified, even though several reports from the top news and government agencies confirmed that it was a huge failure.  One of the realistic solutions in this market is to mitigate as much as loss as possible. Many of the homeowners who are facing foreclosure do have an opportunity to salvage what’s left of there credit and financial future by attempting a short sale.

Knowing that are very few positive solutions to this crises, it would behoove homeowners to seek out reputable companies, attorneys and accountants. By doing adequate research, the average homeowner can avoid fraud and even foreclosure. According to the California department of real estate, companies that are conducting modifications, loans, short sale and forensic loan audits, arte required to be registered and certified with the department. It is up to the homeowner to seek out this information and make the right decision based on there situation.


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