House Prices Dropping

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House Prices Dropping

Every month, house prices have been falling further and further, in near dramatic fashion.  This is only one of a few statistics relaying that the housing market is not making a comeback.  In addition to the falling prices, the number of sales of available houses on the market is dropping as well.

One relaying factor in the price drop has to do with a plethora of houses available for sale.  Because of job losses and our economic strife, people have had to sell their houses, or worse yet, foreclose on their properties.  As these houses flood the market, the prices of every house on the market drop accordingly in an effort to compete.

Of course, this is all great news for buyers right now, but not if you have to sell your property first.  So, buy if you can, but hold off on selling until the market finally makes its comeback.  That of course is…if it ever does.


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