Cerritos: Stop Foreclosure with a Short Sale

The economy is in turmoil, and it’s extremely difficult for homeowners
to pay their high ticket mortgage costs. Home values are continuing
to tread downwards and lenders still need to be paid back in full on
the money they’ve lent. For San Gabriel Valley homeowners living in
Covina, Monrovia, Cerritos, and West Covina, upside down mortgages
are more than common. Thousands of homeowners in Covina, Monrovia,
Cerritos, and West Covina owe more on their house than what it is
currently worth. Homeowners still feel as though Foreclosure is the
only likely end to these debt issues, but before you let the bank take
your house, you should consider a short sale of your San Gabriel
Valley. home.

Why is short sale a better option over foreclosure? First of, let me
explain what a short sale is. Short sales occur when a lender agrees
to accept a lower payment than the total owed on the house. Despite
the small loss, most lenders and banks will accept short sale
proposals, as they would rather avoid the paperwork and financial
hassles of foreclosure. As a result, a short sale mitigates costs and
fees for both sides, making it a far better option over foreclosure.

Housing Assist of America, has helped release many Covina, Monrovia,
Cerritos, and West Covina homeowners from their debts through
negotiating short sales.


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