West Hollywood Short Sales: How To Stop Foreclosure

In this recession, high priced mortgages  prices are sinking West Hollywood homeowners, and foreclosure is looming over many West Hollywood residents.  Foreclosure, however, is a losing battle: you lose your home and credit for temporary solace.  All the while, the lender loses money and time spent on the foreclosure process, and the neighborhood suffers from decreasing property value.

In a short sale, the lender agrees to accept a lesser price than the total left owed on the house.   A short sale of your West Hollywood home will benefit your lender because the bank will cut losses: Instead of wasting time and effort on the foreclosure processes and chasing the homeowner for money he doesn’t have, lenders will usually accept a short sale, and the large sum of money from the sale.

It’s a difficult market, and West Hollywood is no exception. If you are West Hollywood homeowner who is being pressured to pay more than what your property is worth, you should consider a short sale.  You can stop foreclosure on your West Hollywood home.  Housing Assist of America can help

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