Upside-down On Your Mission Viejo Home Mortgage? We Can Help

Mission Viejo’s tranquil suburban neighborhood is shaken with plunging
property values and high mortgages. As safe as this city is, many
residents aren’t safe from the unfair tug-and-pull of rising mortgages
that exceed original property values. Options seem bleak: pay up or
face foreclosure. But there might be another option at hand.

Conducting a short sale is the best option. A short sale is a formal
agreement between the borrower and the lender in which the lender
accepts a lesser amount than the total owed on the house. Although the
lenders will suffer some loss, this option is ideal for them as well,
because they get to forgo all the fuss of paperwork and foreclosure
A short sale requires the consent of banks, so call Housing Assist of
America, or visit for more information on how to
procure a short sale. You don’t need to dispose of your property;
we’ll help you dispose of your debts.

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