Trying To Stop Foreclosure on Your Beverly Hills Home?

Is the bank trying to foreclose on your Beverly Hills home?  Are you
trying to stop foreclosure on your Beverly Hills home at all costs?
Housing Assist is here to help, and we can, by informing you of the
benefits of a short sale.  Short sales occur when a lender agrees to
accept a lesser value than the total owed on the home in question.
Why would a lender do this?  Well, many lenders agree to short sales
because foreclosure is a tedious process for them as well.  With a
short sale, they can cut their losses and quit chasing someone who
simply doesn’t have the money they owe.  In fact, more and more banks
are agreeing to short sales.

The recession has even affected residents living in the the affluent
cities of Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica etc.  On a positive
note, homeowners are becoming familiar with the short sale, and now,
many homes in Beverly Hills are being listed as short sales.  Beverly
Hills residents are fighting foreclosure, saving themselves from bad
credit and the ‘shame’ of the process.

If you are underwater on your Beverly Hill property, you aren’t the
first and you won’t be the last.  But it’s important to get the
assistance you need before foreclosure .  If you are interested in
listing your Bel Air property as a short sale, contact HousingAssist
for more information, today.

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