South Gate Homeowners: Best option Over Foreclosure

In these dire times of economic hardship, it’s tough for anybody to pay their ever-increasing mortgages.  Property values continue to tread downward as banks still expect to be paid in full on what they’ve lent.  For West Los Angeles residents in South Gate, El Segundo, and Monterey Park, upside down  mortgages are quite common.  Many homeowners in South Gate, El Segundo, and Monterey Park owe more on their house than what it’s worth.  Foreclosure is a typical end to a homeowners struggling to make these payments, but before you let the bank take your house, consider a short sale of your West L.A. home.

A short sale is the clear cut best option over foreclosure.  Short sales occur when a lender agrees to accept a lower payment than the total owed on the house.   Despite the small loss, most lenders and banks will accept short sale proposals, as they would rather avoid the paperwork and financial hassles of foreclosure. As a result, a short sale mitigates costs and fees for both sides.

At Housing Assist of America, we have helped release many South Gate, El Segundo, and Monterey Park homeowners from their debts through negotiating short sales. Contact Housing Assist for more information on how you can achieve a short sale today.

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