Short Sale With Housing Assist, The Nation’s Best Short Sale Option For HomeOwners

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America’s #1 Short Sale Company assists homeowners in mapping out a personalized financial plan for owning a home in two short years after the sale of their underwater property.

Once largely confined to a few corners of the country, the nation’s foreclosure crisis is now spreading to new areas as reported by listing firm RealtyTrac. Homeowners are racing to find the best and fastest preventative measures in avoiding Foreclosure, which is rapidly moving towards short sales…

The majority of homeowners are using the Short Sale to avoid losing their property to foreclosure. A Short Sale is when the sale of a property is negotiated with the lender for a lower price than what is owed. Some benefits of a Short Sale include instantly improving a homeowner’s net worth as soon as the sale closes and being able to own a new property in as short as 18-24 months.

With a successful track record and proven marketing plan, Housing Assist of America has become the number one short sale company in the nation by bridging the gap between sellers and buyers and having built the strongest relationships with all of the major lenders.

Unlike many other real estate companies, Housing Assist of America offers their clients a full map of their real estate future, from the short sale of their property to the leasing of their next home, and in as short as 18 months, the purchase of their new home.

“We’re negotiating the best short sale deals in every part of the country” says Ari Afshar, Vice President of Housing Assist of America. “We offer an extensive plan to get our clients out of their mortgage debt and into a leased property very similar or nicer than their current. In two years, with a small down payment they will be able to purchase their new home and have equity from day one. Housing Assist offers this “one stop shop” for all our client’s needs. It actually relieves homeowners of the stress from selling to finding a rental and not knowing their next move” says Afshar. Housing Assist has experienced agents all over the country helping homeowners quickly close the short sale of their property and seamlessly move into a new home.

To learn more about the Housing Assist Short Sale program, visit or call (888) 877-0078.

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