Sacramento Homeowners: Stop Foreclosure Now!

Are you struggling every month to pay your high priced mortgage? Do you feel stuck with a house sinking in property value? You’re not the only homeowner in Sacramento who feels that way. The housing market is tanking nationwide in this flailing economy, and for many Sacramento homeowners, foreclosure is n the horizon.

But a foreclosure isn’t the only option available, not that it’s a favorable one at all. Not only does it leave you with a horrible credit, it decreases overall property value in your neighborhood as well. Instead, Sacramento homeowners should consider the more ideal, short sale. In a short sale, your lender accepts a payment that’s less than the total owed on the home. Despite taking a loss, more and more lenders are agreeing to a short sale because they cut their losses and avoid the hassle of foreclosure processes.  Sacramento residents are preventing foreclosure by taking advantage of short sales, and you can do the same.

For more information on the short sale process, call Housing Assist of America, where we can help prevent foreclosure. You can be one of the many Sacramento residents whom Housing Assist of America has helped to relieve of high mortgage payments and get a fresh start in the housing market.

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