Ocwen Short Sale Process

October 26, 2009 by  
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We had a client of Housing Assist write in their complete thoughts on the short sale process with Ocwen. This letter is courtesy of Jill Haven:

“Hello everyone,

I want to take a moment a couple of minutes of your time to let you know how the short sale process went with Ocwen. I have had no problems with Ocwen through the course of my loan. I was asked to keep a journal of all the updates that I received from HAA on behalf of Ocwen, and I’m glad I did because now I can report to you guys! My family has lived in this home since 2003, and were unable to make payments due to job cuts. We decided to go through with a short sale in order to escape a foreclosure.

Anyways back to the short sale with Ocwen, I was very pleased at how fast they moved the whole process along. I know from friends and other people who have short sold their properties that it is a tedious process and takes forever. I was completely surprised to see how well Ocwen worked with me and how fast I received an approval. Once I got the entire package over to HAA, they reviewed and submitted it to Ocwen, and had an approval after about a month. It really wasn’t that bad at all…So I wish you guys the best of luck working with Housing Assist and getting your short sales completed. I know that they are capable of getting answers fast and making sure the short sale is completed successfully. ”

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