Obama and Fixing the Mortgage Crisis

The Man With The Plan: Obama and Fixing the Mortgage Crisis.

President Obama has just released ‘The White Paper,’ offering three
separate plans to solve our current mortgage crisis.  Obama’s
provisions include plans to deal with loan servicers whose interests
don’t coincide with the those of investors, thoughts on shoring up
consumer protections, and dealing with secondary home loans.


Currently, the government is one of the only organizations dealing in
mortgages, which could mean us taxpayers having to pay for any bad
loans made right now.  Of course, eventually, it makes sense for the
other players to check in to the game.  The mortgage companies will
need some help though, from the private sector that is, and this is
why Obama’s proposal to shore up consumer protections sounds pretty
good to me.  It just makes sense, that should mortgage companies whiff
again, our government will have our back.

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