Obama Advocates Foreclosure

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Obama Advocates Foreclosures

By Joshua C Anderson, Lexington Realty Correspondent November 14, 2010 3:39 PM PT

Los Angeles—The housing market has been jolted by several failed attempts to recover and the only solution at this point, seems to destroy and rebuild.

In the midst of the month long foreclosure moratorium, harsh decisions had to be made. Obama administration officials stated that all lending and servicing institutions needed to review there foreclosure policies and procedures, this however did not result in a mass of homeowners getting out of trouble. The officials made it clear that they did not support the moratorium for several reasons. One main point being that the housing market wouldn’t return to normal without foreclosures.

A stable market in the future does not come without consequences. The continuation of foreclosures will not only hurt the housing market, but it will also have an adverse affect on the overall economy. The Mortgage modification program was supposed to lower homeowner’s monthly payments by 31%. The program was a complete failure and many homeowners have been misinformed.  Laurie Goodman of Amherst Securities said in a statement, “What they have now realized is there are a lot of borrowers who can’t be saved and have to be moved through the foreclosure process.”

This will be a hard fact to address to the American people. There will be a lot of animosity and many will feel left out. There are however, alternative options to foreclosure. The most popular and less damaging is the short sale.

Southern California based Housing Assist of America has made quite an impact on the short sale market. They are among the nation’s best negotiators and have over a 90% percent success rate. Typically in a short sale the lender will accept less than what you owe on the property and in most cases forgive the left over balance. The consequences are significantly less detrimental to the homeowner’s credit and financial situation than that in a foreclosure. Housing Assist of America has recently made an alliance with tax powerhouse H&R Block. Together, they educate at risk homeowners on short sales and tax ramifications. There scheduled to host a free seminar next week in Culver City, a hard hit  suburb of Los Angeles. As the foreclosures in the nation increase so do the opportunities for scammers. When the loan modification wave hit, several fly by night firms starting collection retainer fees from homeowners, only to yield no results. Other signs to watch out for include companies that promise results and charge an upfront fee. Banks do not charge there clients to modify or short sale there homes.


In this vulnerable time it’s important to be vigilant to what your options are. The government has made it clear that foreclosures will continue and everyone who falls into that category will inevitably fall into it, one way or the other. From a homeowner’s perspective, the best option is to accept the demise and seek out the best exit strategy. For those who are still holding on to hope or speculation, this message from the top should clearly define the future housing forecast.

“As we near the end of 2010, the housing market remains fragile, and has recently come under renewed pressure from slowing economic growth, weaker employment and foreclosure uncertainties, We believe that it will be a considerable time until the housing market has a sustained recovery.” A chilling statement from Freddie (FMCC) Mac CEO, Charles Haldeman.

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