Long Beach: Foreclosure on the Horizon? Think Short Sale!

The market is on it’s knees, and a ton of homeowners are upside on their mortgages and dealing with debt and negative equity.  In Long Beach, California, homes are being foreclosed on left and right.  Long Beach homeowners might think foreclosure in their only option, but before ruining credit and going through the troubles of foreclosure, they should highly consider a short sale:  Short sales save lenders time and effort in trying to collect finances that the homeowner simply doesn’t have.  The lender takes a loss, but everybody avoids foreclosure, which involves hefty fees, load of time, and bad credit for the Long Beach homeowner.

The federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is making it possible for those upside on their mortgages to engage in short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure.  So before you foreclose on your property, consider a short sale.  After all, you’ll want to shop around in the housing market sometime in the future, and shopping with bad credit is never easy.  If you’re having trouble making payments on your mortgage, you have nothing to lose in considering a short sale before foreclosing on your property.  At Housing Assist of America, we have helped dozens of homeowners in Long Beach sell their homes as short sales, preventing foreclosure and its hardships.  So, if you live in Long Beach, and you’re underwater on your house, contact us today for more information on the short sale process.

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