Huntington Park Homeowners: Is Paying Your Mortgage A Financial Burden?

Are you swimming in debts? Are you in danger of losing your Huntington Park home? You’re not alone. The housing market epidemic has spread nationwide, plunging property values while mortgage fees continues to rise. Many homeowners actually owe more than what their house is worth now and are being forced to give up their homes to foreclosure.

You don’t need to be one of them. Ask your lender for a short sale, and you can protect your credit value and your house. A short sale is a legal deal between a lender and a borrower in which a lender will accept a lesser amount than the total owed on the house. It’s an ideal option for both the lender and the borrower, as the lender can skip the time-consuming task of the foreclosing processes.

If you would like to consider a short sale, call Housing Assist of America for further details on how to conduct one. Housing Assist of America has already helped hundreds of in-debt Huntington Park residents protect their homes from foreclosure.  So if you’re thinking short sale for your Huntington Park home, contact Housing Assist now.

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