Foreclosure Numbers Set To Increase Further

December 15, 2011 by  
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The number of foreclosure across the country has slowed of late, but the real estate market will soon be hit by a slew of foreclosures.  Banks are currently submitting months of backlogged non payments, and millions of documents and court papers are now being filed which will result in forthcoming bank action and foreclosure. 

Foreclosure activity slowed of late due in part to a shifted focus on the robo-signing scandal, but banks now seem more ready than ever to collect on what they’re owed.  With the number of foreclosures set to rise, home value will most likely decrease again as the neighborhood value is sure to decline with more and more vacant houses. 

Before they come knocking on your door for what they’re owed, consider a short sale of your house.  For more information on how to stop foreclosure, contact Housing Assist of America today.  They’ve helped hundreds of people to prevent foreclosure on their homes.

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