Artesia Short Sales: Preventing Foreclosure in Artesia

It’s a push and sink economy right now. Homeowners are being pushed to pay speedily rising mortgages yet sinking deeper into debt. As property values decline and mortgage prices rise, many homeowners now owe much more than what they bargained for.

Artesia is another bed of a financial sinking hole right now. Across Artesia, house after house is being foreclosed on as many of Artesia’s residents are struggling to pay their mortgages. But their troubles worsen if the bank takes their homes. The neighborhood loses property value while the homeowner loses credit, making it tough for them to find another house.

If you’re facing foreclosure right now, consider a short sale of your Artesia property.  A short sale is a mortgage cut agreement between a lender and the borrower so that the homeowner gets to keep the house, while the lender avoids the hassle of foreclosure. It’s the best alternative to losing property, which only worsens the neighborhood’s property value and the economy.

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