Arcadia Short Sales: Stop Foreclosure Now!

Millions of homeowners are underwater on their mortgages and looking for a way out of this crisis.  Because the mortgages of these properties usually exceeds the property value, homeowners are in a tough spot.  In Arcadia, California, underwater homeowners are realizing their options are limited.

Arcadia residents are trying to stop foreclosure but the options seem rather bleak.  President Obama has implemented certain efforts to help homeowners, but overall, these services don’t do anything other than postpone payments, delaying the inevitable.

If you are one of these Arcadia residents looking for help, Housing Assist is here to fill you in on your best option…Short sale.   Short sales occur when a homeowner sells the property for less then when he owes.  Homeowners must first get the bank’s consent before selling, as well as word that they will forgive the debt on the sale.  Short sales are great options because there’s less paperwork, less hassle, and nobody needs to declare bankruptcy or take the time and energy to foreclose.  For more information on short sales, visit

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