Sample Short Sale Hardship Letter

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November 15, 2009

Jane Doe
444 Elm Drive
Los Angeles, CA 99999

1st Mortgage Lender: Chase
Account #: 555555555

2nd Mortgage Lender: WAMU
Account #: 6666666

Dear Chase and WAMU,

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding my situation. I am applying for short
sale on my current residence for the reasons listed below.

A few years ago I bought my current property when my wife and I were both employed full
time. We had no problems paying our monthly expenses. Unfortunately, one year ago my
wife lost her job, and four months ago my job was cut to part time. We now cannot afford our current mortgage payments and other monthly expenses that we were once able to afford. Currently, we have no real assets or savings as we have used them to keep afloat for the past year hoping our financial situation would change. We now have nothing to fall back on. We are trying to salvage what is left of our credit by trying to avoid foreclosure and
complete a short sale on our home. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this very stressful time for our family.


Jane Doe


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