Azusa Homeowners: How to Prevent Foreclosure

The housing market in Azusa is a mess, and many Azusa homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosure.  As more and more homes are emptied out, houses in the neighborhood begin to lose their value as well, making the situation worse for your neighborhood.  But there’s seemingly no solution, as Azusa homeowners are now paying much more on mortgage payments than the total value of their home.

There is a solution however.  Short sale.  A short sale is a legal deal between the mortgage lender and the borrower in which the lender agrees to accept a lesser value than the total owed on the house.  Basically, the lender is accepting a loss in order to close the mortgage deal as soon and painless as possible. The borrower is released from the lien on the real estate, while the lender averts the time and energy consuming process of foreclosure.

If you’re an Azusa resident trying desperately to stop foreclosure, contact Housing Assist of America or visit today.  We have already helped negotiate short sales for many homeowners in Azusa, and we’ll be happy to hear you out and advise you on the process of a short sale.


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