With more than 30 years experience in Real Estate, Housing Assist, a DBA of Lexington Realty proudly services thousands of homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments. The company was formed in efforts to provide homeowners with the honest service that they deserve in these rough times. Housing Assist helps homeowners map out the next several years for them, in showing how certain decisions will lead them to a brighter future. Housing Assist will negotiate a solution that is highly beneficial for all parties involved. Our intense focus on each specific homeowner is why we are the nations top short sale and loss mitigation specialist.


  • Have You Lost Your Job and Have No Income?
  • Is the Value of Your Home Lower Than the Balance of
    Your Mortgage?
  • Does Your Credit Rating and Report Require Repair?
  • Are You Under Water on Your Mortgage Payments?
  • Are You Seeking a Reputable Company?

Housing Assist works with all LENDERS to assist clients in resolving issues with their mortgages and options available to them. Housing Assist works directly with banks and mortgage companies to give the homeowner confidence in being able to save their home. Because of our close relationships with heads of Loss Mitigation at these lenders, we are able to provide better options than other companies.

Housing Assist is geared toward providing excellent short sale solutions to combat your foreclosure that you may not have known existed. When bills pile up and financial obligations become difficult to meet, the correct financial decisions may be hard to realize for many homeowners.

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