A Grim Reality

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A Grim Reality

Why this holiday season won’t be so jovial for millions of Americans

Joshua Anderson, Lexington Realty correspondent. Thursday December 2nd 2010 9:55 PST

This holiday season, retail stores will be packed beyond capacity, just as they are every year. Hot items like the Apple iPad, Xbox gaming system and the latest in children’s toys will fill shopping bags. But not so distant from the dreamlike ambience of the mall there lies a grim reality. Millions of families will not be at the malls and outlets; they will be without heat, electricity, food and of course, without Christmas festivities. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that unemployment benefits will run out for more than two million Americans. The maximum time allowed for unemployment benefits is 99 weeks. In addition to the record unemployment, there is a large surplus of foreclosures. This is the highest ever record of foreclosures in the nations history, probably in the world. When you factor in losing a job and losing a home, the hope for a person can decline very sharply. Many just want to find a way to put all of this behind them, there are a few small options that just might be able to salvage what’s left.


When economic times are at the worst, there are very limited options as to what’s available. When you factor in job loss and foreclosure risk, the main concern should be cutting your losses before it spirals out of control. Bankruptcy obviously has long term ramifications and foreclosure is not much different. A boutique firm in Los Angeles has been advising nearly all of there clients to short sale. In that process the lender agrees to accept less than what’s owed on the loan. Most of the time, the homeowner can walk away with very little damage and is usually eligible to purchase again within 14-18 months. Whichever direction the homeowner decides to go there is still the issue of unemployment that needs to be resolved.

Job seekers need to maximize their resources and find ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Thousand of seasonal retail jobs are available every year and it’s usually on a first come first serve basis. In large metropolitan cites like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, there are many opportunities, even at a temporary level. An employees performance during the holidays season could dictate weather or not they will be rehired the following year or even be eligible for a full time position. In the end it is up to the job seeker to make a lasting impression that will insure their job security.


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